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Multiplying Community Led Housing in Birmingham

We are on the start of the journey to see 5% of homes built in Birmingham by 2031 being community-led. to see an increase in community control of existing homes and use  these homes as a platform to create successful neighbourhoods  

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A group of experienced and expert practitioners from across a range of housing and community focused organisations, we bring together a mix of knowledge and passion to bring about a community led housing renaissance in the city. Birmingham has long been the place for housing innovations and existing organisations such as Castle Vale Community Housing Association, Witton Lodge Community Association and Birmingham Co-operative Housing Services highlight the pedigree and high levels of success already prevalent in our city. Along with representatives from emerging citizen led organisations, anchor institutions such as University of Birmingham and Birmingham City Council, and national organisations Confederation of Cooperative Housing, National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations and Locality we believe the partnership is in a strong position to help inspire a new wave of community led housing. 

This partnership is founded on a belief in genuine collaborative working, striving for equality of outcomes and community focused objectives. We have emerged from a motive of passion to see community led housing flourish rather than through selection and would invite all others who share these values to join us. Please get in touch if you would like to be part of the movement. 

Current members include representatives from: 

20/20 Housing Co-operative

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham Co-operative Housing Services

Birmingham Social Housing Partnership

Confederation of Co-operative Housing

Housing and Communities Research Group, University of Birmingham

Impact Hub Birmingham 


National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations 

Roman Way Tenant Management Organisation

The Pioneer Group

Witton Lodge Community Association


EVent: Inspiring more community led housing in Birmingham. 

Are you interested in creating a community led housing solution in your neighbourhood? 

Are you already part of a group looking for opportunities to create more community led housing in the city?

What to know where to access finance to get started?

On January 23rd at 18:30 we will be hosting an evening to help answer some of these questions. We will be focusing on two key phases which a community led housing will need to progress through in order to deliver successful housing. These are recognised as the group forming stage and the site identification phase. In practice these can occur in parallel or in reaction to an existing site plan.

With input form a range of agencies and experienced professionals, they will be on hand to give advice on a range of topics from the finance options which are available through to governance and management structures. We want to draw together the best advice to help answer the questions which may be stopping you from progressing and connecting you with the right people to accelerate your project so if you have any particular topics you would like to be covered then please let me know.

You can sign up for the event here.